LIBERTY READERS are a series of illustrated graded readers of adapted classics for teenagers and adults, ranging from elementary to advanced level, corresponding to the CEFR A2-C1.

This series offers a new approach to extensive reading, not only with its stimulating and innovative activities, but also by introducing learners to other works by the same author through a variety of exercises.

The elegant, but simple layout makes it easy to locate the various sections:

TEXT The adapted text, which is simplifi ed according to the level, remains as faithful as possible to the tone and spirit of the original work.  
EXTRAS The fully illustrated inter-disciplinary fi les offer insights into the life of the author and the historical and cultural context of the work. 
ACTIVITIES The wide range of innovative activities at the end of each chapter includes: exercises on other works by the same author, prompts for creative writing, activities connecting the themes of the work with the present day, Internet projects, activities for exam preparation and much more.  
EXIT TEST The exit test revises the content and language presented in the reader and offers further exam practice (KET/ PET/FCE).  
  Other features
Original illustrations
CD recording of the text in British and American English
Free download for teachers of the Answer File for all the activity sections and Exit Test

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